Non-Grounded cable

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Non-Grounded cable

I have my home computer plugged into the nearest electical outlet. The actual configuration is a power strip with surge protection is plugged into the wall outlet and the computer is plugged into the surge-protected power strip. I used a A/C circuit tester that indicated the ground cable on this wall outlet is not connected. I have identified the circuit breaker that controls this and other outlets in the office. All other outlets on the circuit are properly grounded. I can't find the source for this un-grounded cable. Any common sense advice as to how I should find this un-attached (to ground) linkage would be most appreciated.
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If you can,, get a green wire to it and run it back to the panel. You are allowed to do that for individual recepts.
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Are the other receptacles on this circuit grounded with conduit, or with a grounding wire? Is there a grounding wire present in the box containing the ungrounded receptacle? In what year was your house built?
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The other receptacles are connected to the circuit board with a metal shielded "cable" (I believe its steel) that I think acts as the ground. I do not remember the name of this type of cable. The cable leading into this particular outlet is the more standard type plastic shielded (romex?) with hot, neutral and ground. I checked the connection in the problem outlet and at least there it's ok. What I can't seem to find is where this cable comes from? If I could trace it back to its source, then I could properly ground it there. I don't think the source is the the circuit breaker, because all of the outlets in the room are controlled by just one breaker. The house was built in 1800, before electricity! WHile this is a guess, the metal-shielded cable looks to be 1950s-1960s vintage. It's cloth wrapped rather than plastic.
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westportwarrior, That cable is called AC (Armoured Cable) and the outer steel covering is being used as your ground for the other receptacles. If that one receptacle was a add on to the exsisting branch circuit or a repair (due to a possible a short or open circuit) , and if this office is on first floor and the basement ceiling is open you should be able to see that NM cable coming out the ceiling. If so, follow it from that point and see where goes. If this office is on the second floor you'll have to go up in the crawlspace and see if it was ran from there. There is a possiblity that wall was open at one time and the NM cable was ran then.


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