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My home has a gas stove that use to be electric. It has the large (3) prong plug outlet, however the stove is gas and only requires the small 110 (?)volt outlet. How can I make this work. Will I be able to use the wiring insid the large outlet to convert it to the smaller size. Or can I change the wiring from the stove to make it fix the larger outlet? Need help soon. Fast food in only good when your on the go!

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Hi N-need,

The only way to alter this is to change the ends of the premise wiring, not to change the wiring from the stove.
To do this you need to get into your panel box/fuse box and reconfigure the range wiring. Cut the power to the panel, then remove the two hot leads from the range breaker/fuse block. Leave them be for a few minutes.
Now at the range outlet, remove the big outlet by loosening the three wires (black, red, white). Cap either the black or red.
Then pigtail #12 leads onto the two remaining, white tail, black/red tail and connect these to the appropriate screws on a 110v 15 amp receptacle.
Now we have a minor problem possibly, in that you may have a double gang opening which is ocmmonly used for these large range outlets.
If this is a flush box and you don't want to break the plaster t change the ring around the box, you can install a dummy outlet next to the active one. Put those children plastic safety covers in it so you know which one is active and put a double gang duplex cover on.
Incidently, if you do have a single gang opening, disregard the above. Just screw it in and install cover.
Now, back at the panel, you need to cap the same color wire you capped in the range box. Then put a color wire pigtail on this big wire and put it under a 29 amp single pole breaker or fuse. This assumes you either have space for another breaker, if you don't then you can remove the range breaker and put the 20 amp single pole breaker there and also buy what is called a panel cover blank filler plate. Each brand makes their own distintive fillers.
If you do have a fuse box, then you need to convert one of the fuse holders by using reducers on a 20 amp fuse to fit the larger 35amp and above size fuse block holder.
That should solve your problem. If you have a scenerio I didn't cover, let me know and we'll walk you through.

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