Flickering !

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Unhappy Flickering !

Hi. I have installed a 3-speed/reversible fan with three 50 watt
bulbs & two track lights each with three 50 watt bulbs on a slide-dimmer. This was a modification from the original set up in the room of two fixtures on regular style light switch. So basically
I added 1 fixture, the fan, & the dimmer. When I turn the lights on I can sometimes hear fairly loud buzzing at the switch, & the
lights flicker pretty good. What's the deal? Too much for one switch ? Thx ppl.
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The switch is upside down so turn it rightside up because electricity cant flow uphill.
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Smile Thx. Buzzy ! but.......

I looked at the back of the switch and their are two black wires;
one going to the top ond one going to the bottom of the switch.
The two whites are joined to each other & not the switch.
This was as per the switch instructions. How do you mean upside-down?
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top on bottom and bottom on top
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Smile grr...

Switched the two blacks & I've still got flicker & buzz......
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buzzybuzzjerk is posting nonsense. Don't pay any attention to his posts.
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Most dimmers are only rated for so much power. I suspect that the dimmer that you are using is not rated for the load you have on it. The cheap ones are only rated for 300 watts.

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Often people think the buzzing is at the dimmer, when it is really coming from the light bulbs. Listen carefully to see if that is the case with you. The solution is usually to replace the bulbs. Try a different brand, a better bulb, a 130-volt bulb rather than a 120-volt one, etc. Did you buy fan-rated bulbs?

I hope that this dimmer only controls lighting, and does not control the fan motor. Otherwise, you have a more serious problem.

Of course, winkleal's idea is a possibility too. And winkleal is correct -- buzzybuzzhead is pulling your leg.

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