Changed outlet/switch, lights won't come on


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Hello! This is my first time posting here but I hope someone can help me out. Here's the situation. Please pardon my lack of knowledge when it comes to technical terms

This afternoon my husband replaced all of the wall receptacles in one of our bedrooms. Just a straight switch from beige receptacles to white ones. He also took a standard wall switch (which controls an overhead light) and replaced it with a dimmer switch. He turned off all the power before doing so and when he was done he turned all the breakers back on to test his work. Every one of the receptacles work as well as the dimmer. But here's the weird thing - the lights in the hallway and in the master bedroom will NOT turn on now! I thought maybe the surge when we turned the breakers back on blew the bulbs but changing the bulbs did not help. We flicked the breakers off and on again and still these two lights will not turn on. Can anyone shed some light (pun intended on why these would not be working now and how to fix them? We did not even touch either of these fixtures or the wall switches when we changed the others.
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Me again. I just thought of another tidbit of information which might make a difference. The hallway light is a 3-way switch. The master bedroom light is on a single switch. Don't know if that helps at all but I thought I'd mention it. Again, neither of these were fiddled with when we changed the receptacles and light switch
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Look for a GFCI outlet in your bathroom. Push the reset button.
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Thanks for the suggestion ranck. I tried it but unfortunately it didn't work

Question for anyone who might know: If the dimmer, the hall light and the bedroom light are all on the same breaker is it possible that if some of the wires in the back of the dimmer are touching it would still work but would cut off power to the hall light and bedroom light? I think I may be grasping at straws here but the thought of calling an electrician to fix something that's probably simple drives me crazy. Not to mention that I won't be able to get anyone out on a long weekend anyway.
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Suspect that when you replaced the conductors onto the receptacles or installed the dimmer, most likely the dimmer. You did not make a good contact with one of the conductors.

If your receptacles all work and the single pole switch also works, I would lean to believe that a power out of your switch box did not get connected.

It looks like the lights in the other room is powered from the same circuit in the bedroom and is powered from one of the receptacles or the switch box.

Check your connections by pulling on them. If one comes out thats it. Also check for a wire not connected hiding inside the box that you didn't see.

Good luck

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If all your wires were connected as before, check the sides of the receptacles for connecting clips.(brass colored) if one was removed there could be the ans.
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wgoodrich is on to your problem. Check your connections in the switch boxes and outlet boxes. The power or neutral wire that feeds power to the other devices did not get reconnected properly.
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Thank you all for the additional suggestions. It's late, so we'll be checking those connections again to make sure they are done properly. We will also check all the clips to make sure none of them were cut. I really appreciate all the assistance and on a long weekend no less. What a great bunch of people I will let you all know how it went once we give the suggestions a try.

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