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This is a new one to me. I've wired 3-way switches in the past that have consisted of the traditional two 3-way switches and any number of light fixtures. However, I have never needed more than 2 switches to control a light until now. So here it goes.

I've just moved into a new house and currently have 2 hallway lights and an entry light controlled by 2 3-way switches. One at the front door and the other in the master bedroom. What I want to do is add a 3rd switch in my back hallway to control these lights as well. How do I do this???

Do I simply add a 3-way to the loop or do I need to go to 4-way switches all around? If this is the case, then how do I wire it up? I currently have B,R,W & Ground. Assuming I need 4-way switches, will I need to completely rewire the circuit? And if so, what will the wiring scheme be?

Lastly, I want to remove the entry light from the loop so that it will be controlled by standard on/off switch. Do I simply disconnect all wires running to and from this fixture and wire nut them together in a juction box?

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hello bulldawg13,
u would want to have 2 3way switches and 1 4 way switch for this. u need to remove 1 of the 3 ways (marking the travelers, wires on the gold screws, as well as the common wire on the black screw) and run 3 wire romex to new location from this box. in this box u want to connect the 2 existing travelers to the 4 way switch and your 2 new 1's to the 4 way, and wire nut the commons together stick with the same colors. in new switch location wire the 3 way exactily as it was removed from former location. im including several sites that deal with 3 way switches to hopfuly answer any ? u may have.
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another good site




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