help changing 2 outlets on switch to 1


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I am new to the home-improvement gig and not versed at all in the terminology used in the electrical improvement field.

I have the following dilemma. I have a two plug outlet in my living-room that is controlled by a switch on the wall. I want to make one of the plugs constantly hot and allow the switch continue to control the other plug.

What do I need to do? Or, if my question involves too long a reply, what is a decent book that I can find at the local library or bookstore that will explain this to me.


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I am taking for granted that your dwelling is less than thirty five years old. If you dwelling is older then you may not be compatible with this explaination.
Reading between the lines and your terminolgy I think you are saying that you have a duplex [receptacle with two plugs in the same yoke {mounting bracket}] that is on a switch located in another part of the room. Now you want one of those receptacles on that one yoke to be switched and the other on that yoke to be pemenant on.
If your power source is in the box that contains the switched receptacle, then all you have to do is remove a small tab found between the two brass screws, separating the continuity from the two screws. then connect a permenently hot wire to one of the brass screws and the switched wire to the other brass screw. You should not have to make any changes to the white or bare conductors.
IF your permentant power is located in the switch box then you will have to disconnect the romex running from your switch to that switched receptacle and run a new romex with a red/black/white/and bare conductor in it. The black wire should be connected straight to the black power conductor in the switch box and the red wire should be connected to the screw on the switch that you just remove coming from the receptacle. The white wire and the bare wire should be connected just like the old white and bares were connected before you started.
In the receptacle box that you ran the new romex to, you must remove the tab found between the two brass screws and connect the red conductor to one of the brass screws and the black conductor to the other brass screw. Then connect the white and the bare the same as it was originally connected.

Good Luck

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You might visit another site & question forum. The address is


Dan has a question forum, much like this one, but he has various diagrams that may help you out in your quest.

Good luck. RM
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It's me, jc, the original poster here.

Thanks for the input that y'all have given me so far.

I think I will need something with diagrams and or photos to help me out. Unfortunately, Rick, the web address you gave me doesn't work. Is it just down? or did you make a minor typo in the address?

Thanks much!


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