I want to move the fridge & stove...

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Gail Shyan
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I want to move the fridge & stove...

I originally posted this under appliances but was encouraged to ask here. The answers so far are below. So the real question is: how do I ensure appropriate outlets for a fridge and stove if I want to move them from their current location. The kitchen is empty except for the fridge, stove , and sink so there are no cabinets in the way of actually moving the pieces - I was just concerned about them not reaching the outlets.
Thanks, Gail

"What types of outlets are required for fridges and stoves?"
A refrigerator (in North America) should be on a grounded outlet and ideally have its own dedicated circuit. The outlet for a range will depend on the type of range it is. If it is a regular 240 volt model, there is a special outlet for that use and the power supply should be fused separately in the house fuse panel.

"can I extend the outlet either with a made-for-this-exact-reason-extension cord or rewiring?"
You should not use an extension cord on any major appliance. You may be able to move the outlet(s) but that is really an electrical question (rather than an appliance question) and would likely be better asked in the "Electrical" forum but it will also depend on local code for which you should consult a qualified local electrician.
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If you have your kitchen stripped of all cabinets you would be better served if you update the wiring in the entire kitchen. The kitchen pulls more electricity than any other room in you house combined with the exception of large appliances, heating, a/c, laundry and bathrooms which come close combined but stiill would not beat the loads in your kitchen.

If you just want to know about you refrig, and a gas stove, both of these two applianes are allowed on the same circuit as the kitchen receptacle circuits 20 amp rated. A dedicated 15 amp branch circuit is allowed to serve the refrigerator by itself.

Try the following link. Then look to the left column for "INSTALLING THE WIRING IN THE KITCHENS" and click there to jump in that article concerning only kitchens. YOu should be able to learn the requrments of the NEC concerning kitchen wiring designs there concerning receptacles and appliances in the kitchens. Better yet read the whole article may be interesting reading.


Hope this helps


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