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I have been rewiring my circa 1960 house (cu wire)a piece at a time. I have two questions. First, an enthusiastic friend with an oversharp knife helped me cut the sheath off my 14-3 and sliced through the conductor insulation to the conductor. Not having enough wire to go up into the attic, pull those and replace, I wrapped the damaged areas three times round with electrical tape. Is this an ok fix? Second, part of this circut is a whole house fan, previously added into the middle of a run. Should I leave it that way, or run a separate breaker for it. It is switched, and not on a thermostat.
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hello vic,
first off since u were stripping the wire im assuming that it was at a termation point, a nick in the wire insulation is fine to tape but it needs to have more then 3 wraps of tape the tape needs to be the same thickness as the insulation that was removed, another point on this is dont use jap wrap (cheap electrical tape) use the good stuff 33+.
as to your whole house fan it needs to be on its own circuit.
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I agree with sparky [more wraps & 33 m quailty tape]. Just thought I would clarify an item. You need to wrap one of those conductors separatly and then do your cable wrap, so that the hot and ground does not short together in your cable wrap.

Good Luck

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Being the owner of a home that has burned and the Dad of a son that had a brand new home burn to the ground let me say that even though the tape is legal what would a j-box and new wire cost compared to the loss of your home that my friend is what you base the decision on now add the loss of family and personnal belongings that can never be replaced and the cost of a new roll of romex and or a J-box are darn cheap,
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Let me clarify. The problem with the cuts in the conductor insulation is at the termination point in a grounded metal ceiling box. I have 14-3 cable connecting three ceiling fixtures in the hallway with a three way switch on either end. Power enters the first switch via 14-2. The conductors in the ceiling boxes are nutted together with jumpers connecting the fixture itself. When my enthusiastic friend was stripping the cable sheath inside the box, the sharp knife also cut through the colored insulation. Bare conductor would show only if I pulled the edges of the verticle cut apart with my fingernails. I don't know how many mil the tape I used was. I bought it in the electrical section of the home center store. Each damaged wire is wrapped independently of the others, and each is damaged is a different spot.
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hello vic,
sounds like u did just fine in the repair. if the tape u used was the cheap stuff i still recomend u chainge it to the 33+ it is made by 3m it costs more but is well worth it, the cheap stuff has a tendicy to dry out and unwrap, and even though u had to pull the insulation to expose the wire it can still short out if the tape was to come loose.

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