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I have three outlets that are not working. Two are in the living room and the third is on the other side of the wall in the garage. all three stopped working at the same time. I have changed all three outlets as well as the breaker even though it wasn't tripped when the problem was discovered. The first outlet has just the white and black wire. The second one and garage outlet both have two white and two black. Can you think of anything else we might check? I'm not familar with electrical terms so plz make it as user friendly as possible. Thanks.
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Recepts are usually fed from the panel to the first rec then from the first rec to the second rec etc.

You mentioned a garage receptacle also. You may have a GFI kicked out. Check for a receptacle in the garage that has a test button on it. Reset the button on the GFI and you might have fixed the problem.

You might have a bad connection in one of the receptacles. If this is so usually it can be found in the first dead receptacle on the circuit or the last live receptacle on that circuit. You mentioned that one receptacle has only one cable feeding it. This receptacle is the end of the circuit. Work backwards from there and try to figure the way the electrician ran the circuit. Most commonly the circuit is wire to the next closest receptacle found on either side ot the same wall. Most electricians run about 6 receptacles to a circuit. Find the first receptacle on that circuit that is dead and check it then look for the next closest receptacle. The problem is most likely either the GFI control or a loose connection in the receptacle box. Watch for a heated area. If you find a heated connection remove the damaged area.

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You probably tripped a GFCI. They are required to protect outlets that are in the kitchen, bathrooms, garage, outside,... HOWEVER they can be located in other places (like in a living room). A person posted a similar problem few months ago and eventually found the tripped GFCI located behind a piece of furniture in their dining room. Keep looking until you find it.
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Well, you were right the working outlet had a white wire that was fried. However, I replaced it with an outlet with a reset switch and it keeps popping. There are two more outlets in the same room. Is it safe to say I should check these. Also, our house was built in 1969 and there are no outlets what so ever with reset switches in it with the exception of the one I just installed. Thank you for all your help.

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