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I'm installing an outdoor fountain that needs electricity. I plan on pulling electric from an inside recepticle to a switch in a box that I'm going to install on the outside of the house. I'm then going to run wires to an outlet by the fountain (using GFCI recepticles). My question is how should I ground the switch box and how do I ground the outlet by the fountain? Will a grounding wire from the switch and the outlet to their recpective boxes be enough? Do I even need to add a ground since I'm using GFCI?
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hello johnny,
first off u r doing correct by useing a gfci u will need to line load it to provide protection. u will indead need the ground, since u stated u r pulling off an inside recep and running to a new box outside u simply connect the bare wires together and pigtail(small piece of wire aprox 7" long wire nutted to another wire to produse 1 end to connect to a device). if u have 2 sets of romex allready in the box on the inside u will also need to pigtail the hot and nutural. in outside box again pigtail the bare and connect to the green screw, connect the black from house to line side gold screw on gfci, and connect the white from house to line side silver screw of gfci. connect the black going to fountion to load side gold screw and white to load side silver screw.
this is of course assuming that u have a grounded system, if whin u open up the box on inside and c no bare wire test to be positive that it isnt grounded by taking a voltabe tester and going between the box and the black wire if u get a reading it is a grounded system, simply connect the bare to the box. if u get no reading u have an ungrounded system and i sugest u run a new line from the panel, and install a ground rod and connect panel to it. if u need help with this just let me know and ill help u out.
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First yes you have to have a ground for the outlets even though they are gfi's .Now they make switches that have a ground lug on the bottom of them and it will be a green colored screw take you a piece of green wire and go from this screw take another piece of green wire and screw it with a green ground screw to the box then when you make your ground wire run through here tie these 2 wires onto it .I use fork connectors on all ends that go under screws unless you are running solid wire and not stranded. Now question how are you planning on running from house to fountain underground in the air and type of wire you are using
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doc and sparky are right. They didn't talk long on the type of wire. If buried must be 18" minimum deep. If buried with wires running through a conduit then the wires must have a w in the initials. THWN, THW, TW are examples of wire approved to be in a conduit. If direct buried protect from rock if crossing a graveled area. Type wire if direct buried must have a U in the initials. Type UF cable is the most common for direct buried.

Good luck

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Thanks guys. Yes, my system is grounded, but there are only two wires, a black & a white - no ground wire. I tested by putting one end of the tester on the black wire, and the other on the box, and the light lid up. So, it seems like I'm grounded (plus I opened up the main panel and saw the green ground wire - my house was built in the 60's). There are no ground wires running through the system. Just to verify, all I do at this point for grounding is to pigtail off of the outdoor (new outlet) green screw and attach to the outdoor box. Sound right? Or do I still have to run a separate ground wire somewhere?
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It sounds to me like you have metal conduit, or possibly BX cable in your house. This provides grounding through the metal conduit/sheild. You should run a ground wire from the grounded J-box to the new stuff. There should be a screw in the box that you can attach your ground wire to. If you are running from an outlet, then the ground screw on the outlet may be the place, but check to make sure the outlet grounds through its mounting screws too.

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