installing motion light and outside outlet


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Hi guys!

I had a outside door light attached to the back of the house. The siding guys removed it, now I have just two wires sticking out. Pigtailed ofcoursed. I am going to put a juntion box were the wires exit the house, and run wires to the second story for a motion light and I also want to run a outside outlet from that same junction box. I know the outside outlet shoud be GFCI, is this a bad idea, if not, what do I need to start and finish this project.

Thanks in advance
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not a bad idea the problem is if there are only 2 wires say a black and white you are going to have to run a green or bare wire for a ground forom the main to the outlet you want to put in unless this is a old house and only has 2 wire runs or if to the light you have has conduit back to panel then you would just ground new outlet to j-box
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Grounding anything to a jbox that's not grounded doesn't ground anything at all. I'd run a bare or green wire to the nearest plumbing and attach it to the pipe using a ground strap, or find the nearest circuit that you're sure is grounded and attach the new ground wire there. A GFCI won't work without a ground. And for $8-$10 they're worth it outdoors. But putting a receptacle in the new box and taking a lighting circuit out of it is no problem, sounds like a handy place to have an outlet.

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GFCIs work just fine without a ground wire. I think doc was suggesting that the junction box might be grounded, they are in older houses with conduit or BX cable, though you have to check and make sure they are.

Oh, and grounding to plumbing is not code approved any more. You have to run your ground back to the breaker panel.

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