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I want one light switch to work as normal and at the same time provide power to another switch. Do I us a 2 pole or a 4 pole switch?
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A two pole will suffice (Note that this means two built-in switches, or four screws).

On the other hand, if the current of both loads can be handled by a SINGLE (normal) switch, you can connect two wires to it and deliver power to both circuits at the same time, as you do when controlling two lights from a single switch.
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Please explain what you want to control with the switches and will both switches be located in the same box? Will the supply to these swicthes be coming to the switches first, or will there be one of the loads to be controlled coming before the switches with a 3 or more conductor cable between the to locations. Any details that can be provided to help us understand the layout of your plans will help us provide better answers.
This is 120V, correct?
Will Both swiches and loads will be on the same circuit?
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If all you have in the box is a white and black wire going to the switch, it can't be done. If there are more wires there, please explain as green jacket requested. I'm assuming you want to add another light or fan, whatever. The only way (easily) you can tap off a switch is if the power runs to the switch first and then to the outlet. Like I said if the switch has a black and a white on the side terminals you can't. If there are two or more cables in the box, you probably can. Determine if you have power in the box, not just a switch leg. You probably do if there is a black pigtailed to the switch, a black running to the light, and several whites joined together in the box. Use a multimeter to determine which wire is which.
If there is power in the box, simply pigtail black to the second switch, place a new cable in the box, run the new black to the switch and the new neutral will be joined with the others.

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