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I just had a ceiling fan/light installed and the wall switch is a dimmer switch. When the fan is on there is a buzzing sound. The buzzing goes away when the dimmer switch is turned to it's lowest. Is this because of the dimmer switch? will the buzzing go away if I have a regular wall switch put in? Any information will help. Thanks
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Replace the dimmer switch immediately. You
should never run a ceiling fan through
a dimmer made for incandescent lamps.
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I have done plenty of wiring with these situations. Did you mean to say that the light is controlled by the dimmer switch seperatly from the fan which is controlles by an ordinary wall switch or no wall switch?
There are special switches for controlling fan speed which is an entirely different topic. If the dimmer switch is controlling the light only, and there is this buzzing problem, don't use the fan/light+switch.

Please see
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Gary is right a lighting style dimmer switch is not compatable with a ceiling fan. It is a safety issue.

You may have used the wrong terminology. A speed control looks a lot like a dimmer switch.

A speed control will turn in order to energize the fan, this is ok.

A lighting style dimmer switch will have a toggle with a slide on the side of the toggle or will push to turn on and then twist to dim the light or slow the fan, do not use this type.

Check to see when you turn on the dimmer whether the fan is running at high speed or low speed just as you twist it to turn it on. If it goes to high first then to low as you twist further then you have a speed control.

The manufacturers tell you that you must use their speed controls designed for that fan in order to limit the hum you are experiencing. This is still not a guarantee that the hum will not be present, just present in a controlled fashion.

A hum is annoying but not dangerous as long as it is a speed control coming with the fan.
Just make sure it is a speed control and not a dimmer, and feel of it now and then to check for a heat build up that is uncomfortable to the touch. If it is that hot you have a problem.

Just don't use a dimmer switch as a speed control.

Good Luck

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SORRY about the interupted message, I had to go back to check the forum.

Continued from "Please see"

Please see "Buzzing from new dimmer Swith" posted by jdraper. I made a posting here in responce to a similar problem with a dimmer switch.
More information about how the fan and light are controlled is needed to provide more response to better solve this problem.
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Thanks to all who responded. I definitely have a dimmer switch and not a speed control switch. I will have it replaced right away.

Thanks again.

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