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We've been in our new house for a little less than a month and we can't get out Lamp Post to work. I have replaced the photo sensor and have checked the electicity leaving the house is working. The wire leaves the house and is connected to another wire in the front of the house that is underground and leads down to the lamp post. Is it possible the the buried wire is bad and a new one needs to be laid.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Just curious. How did you check that the electricity leaving the house is working?
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by John Nelson:
Just curious. How did you check that the electricity leaving the house is working?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

There is an outlet attached to the wire just inside the house (in the basement) that works.
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Check the switck inside the house that controls the lamp post. Does it work?
Check the elelctricity at the LP from the hot to nuetral and then hot to ground on the underground wires coming from the house (switch on). ** Disconnect the photocell before working on this project. Do check to see if there are any connections between the switche box and the location where the wires exit the house-there may be a bad splice.
If there is electricity at the pole but the controls and socket do not work,t he problem is in the pole.
If there is no electricity coming from the hot wire at the pole, and there are no junctions anywhere between the switch and the post, the cable is probably bad. Replace the ENTIRE length, even though there are approved methods of splicing the cable underground. Such methods are only problematic later on.
Preferable use 1/2" PVC electrical conduit with 12 AWG THHN wire in it. You may want to run additional wires for a receptacle on the pole. Please read the 1999 NEC for appropiate wire sizes if you decide to install a GFCI protected receptacle on the lamppost. There will need to be a juction just inside the house to convert conduit to romex or the wiring method used in your house.
I hope this helps pinpoint the problem.
Do respond with your plans so that we can check your plans for problems.

--&gt; jg
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If you have a receptacle built into the lamp post you may have a gfi kicked out. I doubt if the receptacle you checked feeds the post lamp. I am with green jacket. I suspect you have a switch somewhere in the house. Could you just have a switch turned off? Like Green Jacket said check power at the UF cable feeding the post located inside the post if it is dead, then go to the junction where you changed from Romex to underground UF cable. There may be a bad connection there. If you have power entering the trench where the cable goes underground and no power in the uf cable in the post then like Green Jacket said, replace the whold cable. If you don't have power at the junction where the Romex in the house changes to Uf cable to go underground then check for a switch shut off or a GFI kicked.

Good Luck


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