can i just cut the plug off?

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Question can i just cut the plug off?

Hi there. Very useful looking forum. My girlfriend wants to install
a lamp in the ceiling fixture. Can we just cut off the lamp plug and
hook up the wires? or are they some sort of different electrical unit and my apartment will blow up? The ceiling has 2 wires coming out. One white and one yellow, oddly. The plug is a standard 2 prong North American plug with one end slightly fatter
than the other. Thanks for your time. Bob.
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i'm confused, you want to put a lamp on the ceiling?
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I've seen where they've done that on a lot of those home decorating shows, but have never seen how its done. Some are regular looking lamps hung upside down, lampshade and all.

I'd like to know if that's actually possible or did they rewire the lamp, and also if there are any fire hazards involved!

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More correct to say you want to install a lamp HOLDER on a ceiling outlet box.How would the lamphoder be fastened to the ceiling box? Does it have a canopy (round base) that will cover the box?
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I am going to take a shot here because I have seen it on another thread,, but I dont think its legal to hard wire a device that came with a plug,, it isnt listed for that and doesnt have the right wire.
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The last response is what i'm looking for except i'd like it to
say that it is easy and possible (and legal). ;-) It is a light fixture
with a cord and a plug that will hang from a ceiling. It's kind
of a hanging asian type lamp, but she wants to use it to replace
the "ugly" older fixture.... does that make sense? If I cut off the
plug will I find 2 wires that I can connect to the house wiring?
I didn't care about the old fixture. It's all my gfs fault!!
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Talking Option

I concur with Sberry's concern. It is a CODE VIOLATION to alter plug-in into hardwired. There's a way around it though.
You can install a little mounting base and inside, install a household 15A 60Hz single outlet receptacle. Hook your lamp into it and you've done what you wanna do LEGALLY.
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Just curiosity, is this fixture is what is called (swag light,) Meaning: Conductors are running from the fixture looped through a chain for any pre-determined length. Then at the end of the chain there is the plug, which you wish to remove? If so post back, Might be of a hand to help you out, Or at least gain points for the GF.
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i dont understand why you want to do this. i would think it would be easier to plug it into a wall outlet, and buy a new ceiling light fixture. i suppose, if i really wanted a lamp with a plug to hang from my ceiling, i would install an outlet in the ceiling fixture box. plug the fixture into the ceiling rather then cut the plug off. codes might not allow this, but its got to be safer then what you want to do.
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It's not a lamp. It's a light bulb on a wire with a shade around it. We wanted to do it because we like the fixture and they used to sell them without a plug for hard wiring. I just went ahead a tried it and it works fine.... I cut off the plug and found a black wire and a white wire. Black wire to yellow and white wire to white and now the switch turns it on and that's what i was hoping would happen.... so now i'm gonna hard wire in my tv and stereo and vacuum cleaner!! ;-) thanks for the replies.
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There is a unit on the market that is a recepacle for use in situations like yours it is commonly used to plug clocks into walls where you don't want the clock showing the connection. To cut a plug off and use it violates its uL listing and is growns for and insurance company not to pay if something happens.

Don't believe evrything you see done on those home improvement shows they don't always follow codes as some are produced in other countries and sold for the American market.

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