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I had new tenants move into one of our
apartments. They called and said that the
circuit kept tripping when they ran their newer electric dryer and would I have an electrician come. My husband and I were
puzzled by this in the fact that the prior
two tenants had no problems with their dryers. I suggested that they have dryer checked first because it had been in storage for over a year. They had a relative
(an electrician)look at the problem. He
told them to change the circuit breaker from a 20 amp to a 30 amp and he told them how to
do it. Now my question - is it safe to have
a 30 amp circuit on 12/2 wire? They're happy,
the dryer now runs. I just don't want a fire. Thanks

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NO, it's not safe!

Insist that they change the breaker back immediately, or upgrade your fire insurance.
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by John Nelson:
NO, it's not safe!

Insist that they change the breaker back immediately, or upgrade your fire insurance.

Thanks, any idea why the other tenants dryers would run on the 20 amp circuit and
this new one doesn't? Not sure if I have
electical or dryer problem.
run on the 20 amp service and
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I don't know much about dryers, but I would have to guess that your old tenants ran a 20-amp dryer, and that your new tenants have a higher power 30-amp dryer.

You're going to have to make a choice. Tell your tenants that they must find a 20-amp dryer, or upgrade the wiring to support 30 amps.
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Dryers are rated 30 amps for 220 volt electric dryers. The advise is right DO NOT INSTALL A 30 AMP BREAKER ON 12 GA WIRE.

Now if you had renters in there that ran a dryer successfully then you either had a renter put in a larger breaker without telling you and changed it back when they moved, or they had to have used a gas dryer, or an apartment sized 110 volt dryer.

I advise that you have a electrician check your branch circuit feeding the dryer and confirm if it is 12 ga. If it is install a 10 ga. 3 wire [black,white,red, bare] romex and install it on a 4 prong plug and install a 30 amp 240 breaker in the panel for the 10 ga. wire.

Repeat the previous post is right you have a fire trap if you have a 30 amp breaker on a 12 ga 20 amp rated wire. Correct immediately for everyones safety.

Good Luck


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