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Is it in anyway possiable to wire a subpanel up directly through the main break, i was told by someone back in the day something about power take off lugs. I have a pushmatic load center. Any help is appreciated.
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They're called "sub-feed lugs". Many types of load centers have little clamps or bus extensions on the bottom of each leg which are intended for this purpose. With the panel face off you should be able to see them.

But you have to be careful that your main breaker is rated to handle its present loads plus the full rating of the sub-panel. Also, make sure that you use cable of the proper size and type to feed the sub-panel.

What's your situation that will necessitate a sub-panel?
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I need more space in my panel, it is a 100 amp panel, the sub will be right next to it. I'll be using conduit, what size wire should i use for hot and neutural? What type of box is recommended.
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If you only have a 100 amp service and it's too small now, you need to upgrade to at least a 150 amp or even a 200 amp service, NOT add a sub panel. I doubt that your present 100 amp main would be able to handle the entire load. <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by pentavolvo:
I need more space in my panel, it is a 100 amp panel, the sub will be right next to it. I'll be using conduit, what size wire should i use for hot and neutural? What type of box is recommended.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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The Panel isn't actually full the prob. is i'm having trouble findin breakers for it and they are extremely expensive. I talked t oan electrician and he said it would be cheaper to put in a sub panel.
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i have to agree with lefty on this, installing a sub even a small sub will more then likley tax your current panel to the max. since u r going to the cost of a sub what u could do is simply install a new 100 amp breaker panel in the place of the old 1 and elimate the sub. it is more work but u will have a more reliabel panel, but if i was u id upgrade to at least a 150.
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It would cost too much to install new panel because i'm not comftroable enough to do it? I would much rather install sub panell my neighbor did the same thing and he has no problems at all.
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Dear Pentvolvo

The previous post are right. Your panel is too small to take that type of increase load design.

You really should listen to these guys. Your neighbor may have done it and not increased the load enough to have caused a problem, but he helped himself very little.

You should upgrade you service including the meter and riser outside.

If you are staunch on adding the second panel then at least increase the feeder from the top of your riser to 2/0 copper feeders, increase the meter to a 200 amp double lug meterbase and run #4 copper feeders from the second lugs of the double lugs to the new panel. Then you can use both panels and have a 200 amp rated service.

I still suggest listening to you previous replies. They are pretty good at advise and have been there before, many times.

If you checked the cost of a 200 amp panel compared to the sub panel you are talking about the cost would be minimal.

If you want to do it yourself and lack confidence then email me and I will email you a pass out that I wrote for the citizens in my jurisdiction free of charge that will tell you step by step how to perform the service upgrade and the code numbers included in the pass out.

Good Luck


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