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I want to wire an outlet for my RV. I has the typical 3 prongs. I was told that it is a 30 amp RV. Does this mean that this is 30 amp 240 volt or could this mean that this is 30 120 volt. I am able to plug this unit into a 120 outlet with the converter plug. Question is this a 120 or 240 volt plug.
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Most Rv are 120 volt, although some are 230 volt. If your receptacle looks like a normal receptacle or the maunufacturer supplied you with an adapter to plug into a not 120 volt outlet you should be 120 volt. It takes at least 30 amp 10 ga wiring 120 volt to carry the load found in newer style Rv s.

To make sure look in you Rv panel and see if the cord is connected to one side of the main and then a jumper is connected to the other side from the first side of the breaker. If this is the case you are 120 volt designed. If your rubber cord has a red going to one side on your Rv main breaker and a black going to the other side then you are 240 volt rated. Most likely 120 volt rated.

Good luck

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Not sure what a "typical" 3-prong plug is, or what you mean by a converter plug, but if you can plug it into a 120v outlet, then it's a 120 plug. 240v plugs won't fit into 120v outlets.

If the guy who told you it was a 30-amp RV couldn't tell you whether that was 120v or 240v, I'd be inclined not to trust his "30-amp" information. Follow the wire on that plug to the other tne to see where it goes and find out if there is any information there.
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hello don,
verry few rvs r wired for 240. if your plug for the rv has 2 angled blades and 1 D shaped blade it is a 30 amp plug, if it has 1 vertical blade 1 horzontal blade and 1 D blade it is a 20 amp plug. u will need to wire this with 10-2 with ground on a 30 amp breaker in your panel for the 30 amp, 12 - 2 with ground and a 20 amp breaker in panel for the 20 amp.

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