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DJ Cyber
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Question I hope you can aasist me!!


We reciently purchased a shower system that was manufactured in China and it comes with a intigrated waretproof telephone inside the system.The problem is is that when we plug in the phone line to the modular jack in the back of the unit we get no dial tone. The phone system in these showers are being tested by the manufacturer but we have not received any word from them as of yet. My question is; could our problem be a difference in phone technology between Canada and China? If so are you aware of some sort of adaptor or line regulator that may render this unit useable? I have been trying to gater information about the technical specs of North American versus Chinese phone systems in order to try to hash out this problem. Any information you could supply would be greatly appreciated. If you need more infromation (photos, ect) please let me know and I will do my best to send them to you.
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Just wondering why you need to be on the phone in the shower? I have not heard of this yet, but it doesnt sound safe to me. It only takes a miliamp to stop your heart and now you are in the shower with phone lines connected to it. I would be leary about something going wrong. Just a thought. Not sure why you do not have a dial tone. Check to see if they are using the same two wires on the connector as you are. make sure when you plug it in the wires you are using are plugging into the wires they are using
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DJ Cyber
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This has been done and checked and all seems to be OK with the wiring. I do appreciate your response and concerns.

These units are UL and CSA Approved and are very sound electrically.
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Gary Tait
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But is the phone approved by Industry Canada?
(it will have a label indicating such approval)

IC, BTW, is the Canadian governemntal body that
approves communcations equipment for use in Canada.
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DJ Cyber
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yes it is...please find the photo attached of the unit. It is not an actua; phone but a phone that is part of the control panel. As you will se close to the centre of the photo a small square panel it control thw phone system.
chech out this pic.
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DJ Cyber
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BTW as you can see the pic did not show up , please go to http://www.rimbathroomproducts.com/html/eutubs_5.html

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