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Can you run an outdoor 120v outlet from a breaker box that is wired 240v? Need to put an outlet in my pumphouse without running more wire to breaker panel in house if possible.

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I'm not an electrician, but you can check to see. Turn off breaker in panel to pump house, and see if you have ?/3-with-ground wiring. Should be a black and red wires for hots, a white wire for neutral, and bare wire for ground if ?/3wg. If you only have ?/2wg (both black and white wires are hots for 220v), then you will have to run another wire with a neutral. Any of the pro electricians in here can help you better, if you provide a little more info. Good Luck!
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If you have what I am picturing in my mind, you have a cable coming from the house to a disconnect running a pump but nothing else.

If this is right we may be able to do it.

What Old Guy said is right. He is looking for an insulated neutral to carry the unbalanced load. Without that you would be using a bare wire or a ground rod for your return path. This would not be allowed.

If you have the black, red, and white, with a bare going to this disconnect mentioned as Old Guy described then you must check to see if you have your fuses set no larger than 20 amp. If you have a 20 amp fuse or breaker and the red, black, white, and bare wire then you can take the black or red off of the load side of the disconnect and wire nut that black or red to another black of a 12/2 Romex going to a new receptacle and a pigtail that will connect back to the load side of your fuse or breaker. Then you need to connect your white of the Romex going to the new receptacle to the white of the feeder or to a neutral bar that the white is connected to, and connect the bare of to the bare in the same manner.

Wa lah you have a receptacle feed off of the multiwire circuit feeding the pump from the house.

Now the 99 NEC requires this receptacle to be on a GFI protection so make sure that the new receptacle is a GFI receptacle.

Good Luck

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Decided to run separate line to keep original line on 30 amp breaker. Did not want to take power away from pump. Thanks a lot for the help!

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