Cat-3 vs. regular telephone line

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Cat-3 vs. regular telephone line

I am putting in new wiring for my telephone. At the store, there were two choices: "Cat-3" cable or regular 4-wire telephone cable. Which do I use? The Cat-3 was 24 AWG, while the regular telephone cable was 22 AWG. Sounds like the 22 AWG would be a better choice, right?
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Gary Tait
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Wiring guage doesn't really matter for communicatios wire.
What matters is twisted pairs.

You would probably be better off running Cat5 this day and age.
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Todd B
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Over the long run cat3 would be better because it is twisted (3 times per inch - cat3) because of this twist, the wire degausses itself and is able to handle interference better. This wire is voice quality only, for data you would need at least cat5.

The phone wire would work ok over a short distance <25 feet... but quality could suffer if it came near flourescent lighting or electrical cable.

Hope that helps...

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Thanks for the replies. Can cat-5 be used as a regular phone line?
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Cat5 can be used, but it's rather expensive for the purpose.

If you think modems are going to be used extensively then run Cat3. If you're planning to run an in-house network and have a broadband connection (DSL, Cable, etc) then just use regular phone wiring and use Cat5 for the networking. You won't notice any line degredation on regular telephone wire (a modem might), and phone cable is far less expensive than Cat3.

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