New GFI didn't solve problem


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I replaced the kitchen gfi (20amp) in a four year old house. This gfi controls two other outlets. I am confident I got line/load correct because this brand of gfi lights up when correct.
The new gfi would not reset so I disconnected the load wires and the new gfi worked fine. I put the old gfi back on with the same result.
The other two outlets have nothing plugged into them.
Do regular outlets go bad?
Should I try replacing them or is there a way to test to see if one of them is causing the gfi to trip?
The outlets and gfi have worked fine since the house was new.
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Looks like your problem is either in the other two receptacles or the wires going to those receptacles.

Sometimes during construction a drywaller drives a nail or screw into a Romex. This is one of those situations that can be fine for a long time then the screw touches the white and bare together and causes what you descibe.

Also same scenerio only the bare and the white decide to touch in a receptacle box that was installed with the two wires almost touching.

A building will actually move or flex especially at the change of seasons in weather or wind. This small movement may cause what is descibe above.

With nothing plugged into the outlets and the GFI kicking without a flash or hum tells me that you most likely have the white and bare touching somewhere.

Turn power off and on beteen the following tests and do not forget to shut off power before you touch the conductors to do more work after a test.

Take the wires loose in the next receptacle disconnecting them and leaving them float in the air. Test the GFI to see if it resets. If it does then your problem is on down the line of the circuit. If it does not then your problem is probably a screw or nail.

If the GFI holds on that test then hook up the line side of the receptacle you removed leaving the wire to the third receptacle floating. Test the GFI now to see if it holds. If it held without the receptacle and kicked with the receptacle replace the receptacle. If it still holds then connect the wires to the second receptacle going to the third receptacle and remove the third receptacle and let the wires float in the air. Test the GFI if it holds then the problem is the third receptacle. IF it kicks you are back to a screw in the wire between the second and third receptacle. Keep going by process of elimination until you find the problem. If it is a screw in the Romex then replace that section or Romex.

Good Luck

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This afternoon a gfi circuit "tripped" and wouldn't reset. After about 20 minutes of frustration I decided to check out your site on the web and found your 9/22 answer to a similar problem. Even though they appeared to know more than I did (such as line and load) your response was clear enough and thorough enough that I was able to follow the circuit to the third outlet on the line, get a new one and replace it within two hours.

Thank you so much.

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Thanks for the reply!

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