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I installed a pump and think I got the wires matched up but now I have no juice coming from the outdoor outlet. I looked at the fuse in box and was still in a ON position. Help
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I forgot to mention that I did not attach the wire that is coming from the ground to the pump. But even if I did, I still don't have any power from the outlet.
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You don't say if this is 110 or 220 volt. In either case, check for a GFCI that has popped. It could be in the circuit breaker itself, or in the outlet. Some breakers do not look like they have tripped, it is always a good idea to turn it off and then back on to verify it is really on.

Please attach the ground wire for safety reasons.
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What is GFCI? Here is what my pump is: - 1-1/2 hp, 1 speed, 115/230 volts, 1-1/2in. port. What popped? How can I un-Pop it? When I initially turned it did make a a click. Then nothing.

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A GFCI is a Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor. It is a safety device generally required for any circuits in outdoor or wet locations. If there is an imbalance between to "hot" and "neutral" current in a circuit, the GFCI should pop and shut down the current. This is to keep people from being electrocuted.
Most commonly you will see GFCI outlets in bathrooms. They are the ones with two little buttons, one marked "test" and one "reset." Pressin the test button will trip the GFCI. Pressing the reset button resets it. Circuit breakers with GFCI built in normally only have the test button. Those are reset by turning the breaker off then back on.

Now, you say your pump is 115/230 volts. That means the motor can be wired either way. Do you know which way it is wired? Do you know if the circuit is 115 or 230? If you can not answer these two questions, then I suggest you get an electrician or pool tech to look at this problem.
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Thanks for the explaination. I don't know...and will call an electrician. I need to change the outdoor outlet. To make it like my bathroom outlets. Thanks.

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Rank in exactly right. You should get a qualified electrician. Water and electricity don't mix. It is a real good place for an electricution.

You really scare me when you said you did not hook up the grounding wire. The breaker kicks for two reasons. One is too much load between the black and the white which protects buildings. Two is when there is any electricity between the black and the bare short circuit. This protects people. The most important wire in any electrical circuit is the grounding wire. It protects people's lives. Please get an electrician, or at least read Chapter 6 of the NEC. If you email me and tell me whether you have an inground pool, or an above ground pool that is at least 42" deep and I will try to email you a pass out and a drawing to help explain the Code requierements involved. Please I can not stress more do not mix electricity with water unless you are a highly qualified electrician. Be sure to have this project inspected by you Electrical Inspector for two reasons. To protect you life and your loved one's lives, and to protect your liability if something goes wrong and someone does get hurt. Your Electrical Inspector is your most valued proof that you wired this pool right.

Be Safe

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Don't be scared. I shut off the entire power of the entire house when working on any electrical issue. In this is above me, so I am getting an electrician to change the outdoor outlet (actually two of them) and to enstall the pump properly. I was hoping I could save some money. Personnally, I don't like working with electricity. I can do some simple stuff, but I do like learning too!
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How to ground 48" Abovegrnd. Pool

To WG,
I'd love that diagram! But if not able, would you run a #8 wire to ONE of the uprights or ALL of the uprights and then to the grounding tab on the pump motor or to ground in GFCI? Pump motor is plugged into GFCI. I have no earth ground rod but would this work? Or a link fence? Since pool wall is in the track and this is in contact with the uprights, does that count?

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