Junction Box Accessibility


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Junction Box Accessibility

I need to move a 220 outlet further down a wall and am going to put in a junction box so that I can splice the wire. By code does the junction box need to be accessible (the circuit breaker is accessible) or can it be behind a dishwasher?
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So the existing box will be where the splice is made and closed with a cover wall plate. Shouldn't be a prob, as long as the existing doesn't remain an outlet.
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According to the NEC (2002, Article 314.29) Boxes shall be installed so that the wiring contained in them can be rendered accessible "without removing any part of the building"...

Pulling out a dishwasher would not be considered as removing part of the building.

You will be ok.

Rick Miell
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Thanks for your help!
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"without removing any part of the building"
There's an interpretation argument there. Is the permanent kitchen cabinet part of the building, where the dishwasher is permanently attached. Typically there is an outlet under the sink, the dishwasher plug is then routed to this ACCESSIBLE recep – passing code. If the existing remains a recep behind the dish-w, then it violates code. Technically it still does, but the practical application makes it a dead junction point. Most important is safety, if you splice appropriately inside a box you’re good to go.
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Gary Tait
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How about these situations?:

Behind a suspended ceiling (where the tiles
could be removed to access the JB).

Behind an access panel, which can be remove by screws, or
is otherwise easily removable.
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