Static interference or what?


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For the past 3 - 4 months we have been getting static lines through our TV sets, getting increasingly worse. We have 4 hooked up to cable and 1 isn't. The interference is on all, but even worse on the one not on cable. The interference also comes through my computer speakers and the past couple of days, I've noticed it on my telephone some. You can time it at a frequency of every 7 - 8 seconds. However, sometimes it will stop for several minutes.

We had the utility company come out and check the voltage coming into the house about 3 weeks ago. Of course, when he was here it was not doing it. The cable company also came out and changed some of the connectors and installed a new splitter. Still no help.

Now I can even pick up the interference on my car radio if I'm setting within a given proximity to my garage. If I back out closer to the street, I can't hear it. There is a transformer across the street from our house. Any ideas would help. I'm not sure where to turn at this point.
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THis is a unusual problem which may or may not be caused by something in your house.
Have you bought anything electrical (appliance) about when this problem started?
Maybe a neighbor did?
This could also be a problem that the electricity supplier could be creating-there could be a cracked insulator or something outside that is creating the interference, but probably not.
Check for appliances that could be doing this.
Are any neighbors experiencing this?
Try checking for the problem in the back yard using a portable radio and back away from the house just like with the car.
I don't think this is a "everything you touch turns into chocolate or gold" situation.

It still would be most likely that it is something in your house.

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See if you can find a radio man that can test for RF signals in the air. Suspect interference such as DC servo rapid cycle without shielded cable in a factory close by or CB radio high amp output, or Ham operator close by. The radio man should be able to take a reading with a locator and point to the source of any RF signals invading your property. Let us know how you come out. Your not the only one that has experienced this problem. Two factories are my adjacent neighbors. Same problem but worked with neighbors and they gladly installed sheilded cable and eliminated the problem for me.

Good Luck


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