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I have a light fixture that burns all the time. It is located about 5 feet from the switch outlet. I assume this is a crossed wire. Is there a simple way to correct this? Local electricians don't seem to respond to such a small repair.
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We need more information. Is this light just plugged into the wall and if so is this a switched receptacle, 1/2 switched receptacle, or a receptacle hot all the time?

Is this light permenantly mounted to a light box?

What is the switch 5' away supposed to control?

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It is a light fixture mounted in the ceiling. the light switch is a triple switch outlet that also has the switches for the other 2 kitchen lights. I hope this is what you were asking. Thank you.
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Has it always burned continuously? Or did somebody change something?

There could be several million reasons for this, but some historical clues might help narrow it down.
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It has always burned continously.
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Well, if it's always burned continuously, then it was obviously wired wrong in the first place (although I don't know how long "always" is).

Turn off the breaker. Take the fixture down, but don't yet disconnect any wires. You'll see either one or two cables come into the box. (A "cable" is a collection of wires coming in together -- normally one black, one white, maybe one red, and maybe one ground).

If you see one cable, the wiring problem is probably in the switch. Put the light back together and pull out the switch. You should see exactly two black wires, and maybe one ground wire, connected to the switch. If you see anything else, let us know.

If you see two cables, the wiring problem is probably at the light. The light should be connected to one wire from each cable (not counting the ground). If the light is connected to two wires from the same cable, then this is wrong.

Let us know what you find out so far, and then we'll go from there.

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