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hi thenks for taking the time to read this
i have a problem-
my mom a couple of days ago was going to turn on the mocrowave. when she pressed the start button she says that the lights went off. my sister went to the circuit breaker and she turn it off and then on. well nothing happened
they were worried, everything in the house works except the electrical range the ac unit dish washer dryer and some of the outlets and lights. the strange thing is that when we turn on the oven the other things try to work. the lights are very dimm and you can hear the ac unit trying to turn on but it just does not. the range is on but does not heat fully. to recap-
-range ac dishwasher dryer and some lights and plugs don't work
-already reset the circuit breaker
-when you turn on the range it turns on but does not fully heat, the lights are very dimm
and everything else that was not working works but not normally only obout 5% normally
meanin the lighys are dimm the ac rattles trying to tuen on

pleaseeeee help!!!!
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hello helpplease,
sounds like u lost 1 leg of the service and whin u turn on a 220 appliance it will back feed allowing things to work. try resetting the main breaker, as well as all the other breakers in the panel, if u still get the same results u will have to do some testing useing a volt meter to determin if the problem lies in your panel or if it is the power companys problem. you will need to remove the panel cover from your service, place 1 leg of tester on the main breaker lug and other leg of tester on the other main breaker lug. u shuld get a reading of aprox. 240 volts if u get a reading alot lower then your problem is the power companys, call them and have them fix it. if u get a reading of 240 then u need to test the voltage on the breakers. to test the 2 pole breakers place 1 leg of tester on each of the 2 poles u again shuld get 240, if not then test another 2 pole if u dont get 240 on more then 1 2 pole breaker then your main breaker is bad. if its only 1 that u get below the 240 then just this breaker is bad. to b positive that the main is the problem place 1 leg of tester on the nutural bar and other leg of tester on singel pole breakers , if the main is bad then every other pole on the breakers will b dead.
if u r not positive u can handel this call an electrician.
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I used to have this problem about once a year. And each time, the power company would come and dig up my neighbors front yard (never my yard). It took them a week or two to fix it each time, and I got free power during that time via a jumper to my neighbors meter (he got free power too). Since I live in Phoenix at the time, two weeks of free summertime power was great. I was never in a hurry for them to fix it. My house was never so cool.

My main symptom was that the stuff on exactly half of the 110 volt breakers didn't work.

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