Completely re-wiring a home?


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All of the outlets in my home (36 yrs old) are the originals. 90% of them barely hold a plug, and I can see wires in closets that don't go anywhere and aren't connected to anything. I am also going to be setting up a workshop in 1/2 of my garage and I wanted to have a few outlets installed in my garage.

Obviously, this is a very generic question, but I have never hired an electrician before. Any idea at all on how much it would cost for me to have someone come in and replace the outlets, as well as increase the juice going to the garage.

If this is unclear, I apologize, but I don't know a lot about electricity, and don't really want to learn as i go here (ha).

Thanks for any help.

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hello mike,
from the info in your post u have 3 items you r wanting to address.
1. bad receps (wount hold plugs). this is a job any 1 that has a screwdriver, wire cutters, and can follow directions can do them selves.
hers what u need to do
1.go to the hardware stor and buy the outlets that need to replaced.
2.turn off the power to the circuit
3.remove the cover plate
4.remove the outlet
5.note what color wire goes where, and wheather the bridges between the screws r broken
6.remove the wires from outlet (dont touch any other wires except the 1's attached to the plug) if the wires r under the screws then simply unscrew them if they r stabed in the back of the old recep then cut them off next to recep
7.connect the wires on new recep as noted in step 5, if bridges were broken on old recep then break the same bridge on new recep
8.reinstall recep
9.replace cover plate
10.turn circuit back on
congragulations u have just chainged an outlet. much cheaper then paying an electrician
now lets address the 2ed item, installing new circuits in garage. since u have verry limited knowlege on electricity i recomend u hire an electrician to do this for u.
now the 3rd item the loose wireing that u can c in closets. if u r ABSULITY certion that these wires r not live and r not hooked to any thing, then u could remove them yourself, if there is the slightest doubght then i recomend u have the electrician have a look at them that does your garage.

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In ALMOST all areas in the world you have electrical contractors in business to re wire homes for you. Almost all of them will provide free estimates and give you a price before they start so you know how much in your area it will cost to do what you desire.

I advise that you contact three local companies and ask them to give you an estimate or bid. I prefer a bid with no surprises on the estimate of cost.

Make sure that they can provide proof of testing and proof that they have passed those tests and what level were the testing. This will ensure that you are dealing with qualified electricians. If they can not provide you with an electrical license of proof of testing then find three more new contractors to give you the bid or estimates.

I suggest that you ask for three bids because this not only promotes fair competition in the trade but also limits questionable billing at the end and provides you with three sources of cost of the job to know that you are getting a fair price. If all three bids are close then and they are all equally qualified then you should feel safe and comfortable with the cost and the quality of what you want done. Just be sure that you are bidding apples for apples each electrician will have their own idea to repaire your wiring. Once you decide which method of wiring you desire or who convinces you he has the best ideas, then have a second final bid meeting with each contractor explaining the one final method that you want to have done to repair your wiring. That way you will get three bids that are bidding the same thing with equal chance for any of them to get the job.

Good Luck


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