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Should a home improvment guy replacing light fixtures, outlets, or dimmer switches be a licensed electrician? Or can "light" (no pun) electrical work be done without a license?
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hello Dillonsrd,
this is a gray area, some areas will allow a nomn licensed persion to replaice switches,outlets, lights, ect. u need to check with your local building inspector to determin what your area requires. if your area allows this then as long as this home improvment guy, has a working knowlege, of electricity and codes then u shuld be ok. if this is a new instulation then i recomend u contact a electrician to do this that is well versed on the local codes.
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The previous post is right the licensing requirments change from juristdiction to jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions like mine allows anyone at the age of 18 to wire even the biggest factory in the county. This ruling seems to work in our area because I am the inspector and do a full high grade inspection with proven and tested skills.

It is my personal opinion that if you want to wire your own structures on your own property and for your own family's private use then you should have the right to do this relying on the Authority Having Jurisdiction to make sure that you meet the minimum safety standards. This is required only case of the event that you may want to sell that structure to others. These others expect the structures to meet the minimum safety standards and have the right to feel assured that this is true due to qualified Authority having inspected and approved this structure to meet the minimum safety standards just like a pro did the job.

Now if you are wiring for hire or are wiring a class one structure for business, or public use then this structure should be required to be wired by a licensed electrician that has taken recongnized testing and passed these test to prove he knows what he is doing.

If you are thinking of hiring an electrician then demand to see his testing credentials to know that he knows. Do not hire someone who thinks he knows but doesn't know he doesn't know.

I have taught nation wide and have many of my students working in the electrical trade for years and they didn't know that they couldn't have known how to properly act as an electrician because they had never been to an organized schooling experience. The NEC must be taught in an organized method giving formats for calculations and amapcity derations, and voltage drop calculations, and proper conduit fill calculation formats, etc.

Ask for and scrutinize the credentials of the electrician that you hire. He may think he knows but unless he shows proof of having passed reconginzed testing then I am not sure that I would want to trust my family sleeping in a home where he thought he knew as he wired your home.

Good Luck

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I agree whole heartedly with WG. In Colorado, there is a state statute that says just what he says. A person can do his own wiring in his own home (primary residence), but cannot do it otherwise.
For electricians, education is vital. Contact you local chapters of IAEI (Internation Assn. of Electrical Inspectors), which is an orginzation dedicated to electrical education.

For wg, keep up the good replys to this and other forums!!!

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Please note, there is a difference between a "licsensed" electrician and a "qualified" (journeyman)electrician.There are many levels of training to become an electrician including experience in the field.

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