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I'm changing ceiling fans from one with a light switch and a seperate speed control switch that controls the fan to one with a remote control. Old fan and existing wiring has 3 wires (white/black/red)+ ground and new (remote) fan has only white and black (& ground). I need to be able to use the remote to reverse the direction of the fan. I'd also like to be able to adjust the speed of the fan from the switch if it is possible to do both. How do I connect the wires? Any help would be appreciated.



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I would think the remote or the fan should have a diagram to help you in the install. You will probably have a neutral (white) which will connect to the white of the new fan. You also have a hot(either the black or the rec). This hot wire can be connected to the fan's black wire. If you use the hot, then the remote will do all the switching of the fan/light. The other option would be to use the wall switched wire (which would be the last one of either the red or black). This wire is switched by the wall switch, and will kill the power to the light/fan when shut off. Seems like this would be un-handy, as the wall switch will have to be on whenever the fan/light would be needed, but would be handy if you couldn't find the remote to turn the light off when leaving the room. (does anyone else have trouble finding remotes?)

As far as reversing the fan with the wall switch, I don't think this is at all possible. Use the slide-type switch on the fan. The remote may have a feature to do this, I'm not sure.

My recommendation would be to wire the fan/light unit to the hot wire in the box, and cap off the switch leg. make sense? Hopefully it does. Good luck. RM
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I take it that you don't have a problem with the switches as they are but you don't have a way of changing directions or using a hand held remote control transmitter.

If I am right in assuming how you are set up then YOu can connect the remote receiver switch btween the existing hot feeder of your existing switch system for your fan. The the other conductor of the remote receiver switch directly to the existing switches of the switch system for your fan.

Now the reversing must use another device called a smart switch.

Talk to you electrical supplier and ask for a two pole switch that reverses the switch from off to on one the off to one two. This is a small relay designed to be installed in the cone of you paddle fan. Just hook it between the hot feeding the fan under the cone of that fan in the light box. Then connect the first switch leg of the smart switch to the hot leads of the fan directional switch and the second switch leg of the smart switch to the reverse leads of the fan directional switch.

When all done the hand held will turn on the fan with the existing switches in the same position is was when it was turned off and at the speed that your existing speed switch was set at the time it was turned off.

The direction is changed by turning the fan off while it is running and then turning the fan back on and the relay in the cone of the fan will automatically reverse the direction of that fan.

Hope this was not too confusing.


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