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I am planning to add outlets (cable, CAT5, ???) to different rooms of my house where there are none currently. The house is a one story and I want to fish the wires from the attic down into the walls. In several places where I want to run wire I have used a stud finder and detected horizontal 2x4 firestops in the way. They are located approximately 5 ft. down from the ceiling. Is there a way to drill through these from the attic, such as some type of special drill bits with extensions??? I don't want to tear up any drywall if I don't have to and thought somebody out there with experience might have run into this type of thing before. Thanks.
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You probably have three options. I've used all three.
One, you can purchase long flexible bits, but you do need a fairly high access in your attic to make these work.
Another way it to keep adding but extensions, but you run the risk of losing several if they come loose.
Being in the business, time is money either earned or saved. Most customers opt to have the wall and firewall slotted to make it quick and less costly.
Since you don't have the time/cost factor you might do it with the first option, though the bits are not cheap either.
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If you have a crawl space below then the most easy and logical way is to use the crawl and fish up. If you have no choice but to fish down from the crawl the previous reply is right if you can use a flexible drill bit it may be one of few options. If you use a flexibit you can also use extensions as mentioned but beware that if you have insulation in the wall you are trying to fish with the long flexibits you most likely will lose it in the wall permenantly. These flexibits can be 8' long whithout an extension on it. These bits will flex about like a small hardened steel rod and will drill through the wood ok, but as the drill goes down the wall the insulation tends to wrap around the bit and make a wad on the bit you can't get to in order to save the bit.

The only other option if you have drywall or plaster that is easily repaired, is to drill about a 1" hole at an angle through the plaster or drywall and through the fire block. Then using the same hole drill up toward the attic. This way you have a two way hole up and down with only one hole visable. Then fish your wire down the wall to the surface through the hole and into the room and start another fish from the hole you drilled down trough the fire block to your receptacle box. After you have finished fising the wire you will need to embed a steel protector plate over that wire because you don't have the required 1 1/4" away from the surface. Once you embed the steel plate then plaster over the hole, then paint the wall and your done.

IF you have a wood wall then remove the wood wall covering and fish the wall and replace the wood covering.

Hope this helps


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