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I have a problem. While recently looking over some wiring for use in a temporary haunted house (a modern warehouse), there are numerous pigtail wires from the ceiling with the safety locking recepticals on them. They have 10 or 12ga wire currently wired to them. The question of the voltage came up and we got to looking. Each receptacle has only 3 wires; black, white, and grn. However, looking at the circuit breaker, they are 30 amp double breakers with 2 wires coming out of the "hot" side. I tested the plug with a cheap tester and it shows greater than 110v but less than 220. Does this make sense to anyone? Do I have 220 or 110 on steriods (we've blown a couple of light bulbs)? Is there anyway to convert this to 110 at the box? Help!! I am running out of time. Thanks...
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I'm guessing, but what you probably have is 208V. It's a side-effect of 3-phase power fequently used in factories and commercial buildings. I won't go into a technical explanation of 3-phase, but for your purposes, the answer is yes, you probably can get 110V power on those lines.

It will require rewireing in the breaker box, and putting normal 110V outlets on the cable ends. Basically, what you need to do is convert to single pole breakers, and run the white wire to the neutral bus in the breaker box.

In a commercial building, the building owner should arrange to have this done, or at the least you will want a licensed electrician to do it for you to avoid any liability issues.

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