Outlets-silver and brass screw into which side?


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An electrician told me all the outlets in my sewing room were wired wrong -- all wires went to the wrong color screws. So, I have changed the white to the silver screws and black to the brass screws only to wonder if I switched the screws from one side to the other. Does this matter as long as I kept the black on the same vertical half of the outlet and the white on the other half? How can I tell if the brass or silver screws are on the correct side of the outlet? After reading posts here you have convinced me to go put the wire around the screw instead of into the back of the outlet. Good idea to go change them? Also, which way is the correct top and bottom? I have 3 pronged outlets and I am supposing the 3rd prong is below the 2 vertical ones. Is that right? Thanks for all your help. I can't wait to get sewing once I have these outlets right!
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The white wires go on the silver screws and should be on the same side as the green "grounding" screw. You may install the recepticle with the third(grounding)prong either up or down. I install them down.
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The brass screws go on the side with the narrower of the two slots. The silver screws go on the side with the wider slot.

The third, round, prong used to always be placed on the botttom. In recent years there is a push to put it on top for safety reasons. It makes it less likely for a plug that has worked loose to expose the hot lead. Some molded appliance plugs made to lay flat will have the cord come out on top if the ground prong is on top, but that's about the only inconvenience to doing it that way.
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Thank you very much for your input on which side of the plugend the colored screws go into. I wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly. Thanks again!

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