Faulty ground?


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I just extended a circuit and using a plug-in receptacle tester get a light that means 'faulty ground'. I re-made all the connections and still get the light, so I don't believe it. Is there some other way I can check the ground is OK, maybe using my multimeter?
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It's not too difficult.

You will need a length of wire that will reach from the new outlet to the others that are on the same circuit. (I usually use an extension cord) Just use this to effectively extend your meter lead length (a set of double ended alligator clip jumper leads is handy for this)

Simply use the multimeter to check for continuity on the conductors from your new outlet to the one you tapped (power off, of course) If you have no continuity from the ground wire at the new outlet to the ground of the junction you tapped, then you may well have a broken ground wire somewhere in the length of your new wire run.

Check the point you tapped for this new circuit, you may find that the ground didn't carry through.

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hello peterm,
1 way to test for a ground is as stated in the post above. another way is to take your meter and set it to read volts, place 1 probe in the small slot in the recep (hot) and the other in the d shaped hole (ground if u get a reading of 120 then it is grounded, if u get no reading then try the other slot in recep if u get a reading u have hot and nutural reversed on the recp, if u still get no reading then try 1 leg of tester in each of the slots if u get a reading then the outlet is not grounded.

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