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Every house I move have problems with the outlets. I really hate that!!!!!!! We just recently bought a house I was very persistent with the inspector, Everything about the outlets were fine.. I just connected my hair blowdrier and now the bathroom outlet is not working. Also I notice that when I connect the blowdrier in another outlet the lights flicker. Can I do something to correct that? Thanks It is a outlet problem that follow me!!!........Thanks for your advise Empoli
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You might want to have the hair dryer checked if you are having the same type of problem in a new home you had in your last one.

Typically when the problem persists through a number of different houses I would not always blame the power I'd start checking my appliances I had on that power.

In many cases todays high powered hairdryers draw a lot of power when they are in top shape as they get older hair has a habit of getting inside them and clogs them up making them work harder and the harder they work the more power they need. Another thing could be the age of the house and how old the electrical system is in it and what all is on each circuit. If you have bought an older home it might not have the circuitry installed to handle todays appliances.

Get back to us on what you have in the house circuit breakers or fuses and what the approximate age of the house is there may be some other contributing facters that might cuase your problem
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I agree with "gard" sounds like blowdrier problem, as far as power to the bathroom recpt. check the breaker. (off then on).
see if there is a GFCI in the bathroom, or another bathroom that is triped hit "reset"
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You are great!!!!!The house was built in 1993. The blower is clean, but like you said it draw a lot of power.

I went to the basement to the circuit breaker did what you advised me to do (off and on) and voila!!!! I went to try the outlets and now both bathrooms are WORKING.... THANKS< THANKS


Is there anything else I can do to prevent this.
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How many watts is the blower? You might figure ou if something else is running on that circuit. If the dryer is really hot,,, like 1500 watts or something get a smaller one or dont run it on hi heat.

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