Newly Installed Ceiling Fan Hums, doesn't Wobble


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We had a ceiling fan "professionally" installed when we had a new ceiling put in at our home. The ceiling fan is a Hampton Bay and we paid about $130 for it. The fan doesn't wobble but it does hum very loud. We can hear it upstairs. We don't se the fan at all now. Other than killing the contractor, is there anything we can do minimize the noise?
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I don't think you can blame the contractor. Blame the fan itself. Take it back and either by a better one, or get a new one as the one you have may have been poorly manufacturered.
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hello taybae,
if this was a recent install call the installer back and have them check it out, the installer shuld have checked the fan befor installing, and advised u if there was any unusual noise, if u bought the fan, as the fan itsself could be bad.
if there is a dimmer on this fan/light, and the fan is controlled by the dimmer as well this is probily the cause of your hum, fans cant be controlled by a standard dimmer. if this is an older fan the cap in the fan could be bad.
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I suspect that Sparky hit your problem. If a dimmer is controlling the speed or if a speed control that is not compatible with the fan you are using then the hum will occur. Also you may have a speed control on the wall and another speed control on the fan and they may be fighting each other.

If you have a wall and fan mounted speed control set the fan mounted speed control on full speed and see if this corrects your problem. If that does not solve the problem then remove the wall speed control and install a switch. If the humm disappears then your speed control is not compatable with your fan. Call your installer back. It should be in guarentee if recently installed.

Good Luck


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