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Please help. For some time we have been tripping the breaker switch if we have our microwave on and I accidently turn on my little window air conditioner in my bed room...or microwave and coffee pot in kitchen etc. It doesn't always do this. It will go weeks without doing it but the other night it tripped in the middle of the night with only my air conditioner on. Had never done that before. Why does this happen? When I go out to the breaker box the fuse thing is not warm or actually flipped. Any ideas what I'll have to do to fix this?

Mary T.
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If your window air conditioner is on the same circuit as your microwave and your toaster, then you need some new circuits. It is possible that the breaker is getting old and weak, and is tripping too easily, but you really should have a dedicated circuit for the AC, and another dedicated for the microwave. At the very least, get a dedicated circuit installed for the AC. You can have that breaker replaced at the same time.
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I agree with Ranck as far as a dedicated circuit for the AC. When the compressor first starts up it can draw up to 5 times the normal operating current for a second or two, long enough to trip your breaker if anything else is on the same circuit.

Also, because of the advancement and popularity of kitchen appliances over the last 20 years the power requirements of a modern kitchen are much different than even 20 years ago. The electrical code now requires two 20 amp receptacle circuits dedicated to the kitchen. This applies to new installations, and of course if your kitchen was wired before the newer requirement your home is not suddenly illegal or unsafe. My point is that it's in the code now because it's a pretty good idea. Food for thought if you're going to have someone add a couple new circuits for you. Hope this helps.

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hello mary,
from the info in your post i also must agree whith the others u need at least another circuit for ac and probily 1 for microwave to stop the triping breaker. as previsely stated whin an ac compresser starts there is a large amount of current draw as it is a motor starting.

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