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Two years ago I added a garbage disposal to my new double-wide. I wired it from the power in my kitchen island. Everything was ok for 2 years. All of the sudden the GFI switch on the other end of the island will not stay in, shutting all power off the island. I replaced the switch and the same thing, switch stayed popped out and no power. It stays out even when I have nothing on. Of course I can't turn on the disposal because of no power. What wouuld cause the switch, after two years of working fine, to be tripped all of the time, when nothing is on?
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I edited your post from GIF to GFI, that is the proper term.
If you did nothing, and the problem has showed up, then I would suspect the wiring somewhere in the walls, or at another recpt Location, (that is on the GFI,) Only if nothing else is plugged into them. If so, unplug everything, and try resetting.
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Many things can cause a GFI to trip!

First thing to do is to remove that GFI from the box and then remove the wires that attach to the load side of the receptacle. Once you have done that, re-install the receptacle and turn it on and see if you can reset the GFI. If you can't then there is either a problem with the receptacle or the problem is isolated to the box that contains the receptacle.

If the GFI holds then you know that it is something that is downstream of the GFI. In order to find it you will have to troubleshoot that circuit by opening all of the devices and looking for obvious casues ( ground wire touching a neutral) or something of that nature. If you can't find an obvious reason then you will have to use the process of elimination. This will involve re-attaching the conductors to the load side of the GFI and systematically removing devices downstream and checking the GFI with the removal of each device to see if it will hold. When it finally does you have found the problem. It may be as inane as a receptacle that has gone bad or for that matter a bad switch.

One final note before you remove everything! Unplug anything that is plugged into that circuit, just because an appliance is not on doesn't mean it won't trip the GFI. In other words it could be a faulty appliance that is plugged into that circuit and not turned or perhaps it is turned on and you don't notice. This may prove to save you a lot of time and effort.

Good Luck!!! Post again if you need further information or more instructions.
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More ideas: (1) has somebody splashed some water into a receptacle somewhere? (2) have you put a nail or screw into the wall recently? (3) have you had a lot of rain or a roof leak?

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