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The lights on all three floors of my house are constantly flickering including floor lamps, recessed lighting, and outdoor security lights. The flickering occurs whenever the lights are on, regardless if household appliances are in use or not. The local power company came out to my home and said there was nothing wrong on thier end. What could the problem be?

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You more than likely have a loose and or failing connection somewhere in your wiring. This could mean a faulty circuit breaker, loose wirenuts, partially cut wires, loose screws, wet connections, or failing aluminum to copper connections. You need to verify EVERY connection point for the wiring in question, starting with the incoming power to the main breaker (the power company only checked the connections at the meter, not to your main breaker),and to every switch, outlet, and lighting fixture in that circuit. Be sure that you check all of your nuetral connections as well. please follow the electrical safety tips available at this site, and turn off the power first. Please remember, you need to verify tightness on EVERY connection, this would include removing wirenuts and verifying wire to wire (metal to metal) contact. Strip insulation, and reconnect any questionable connections, such as blackened or scorched areas. This will be time consuming, but very inexspensive.
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It would be extremely helpful to have a mutimeter to verify proper voltage and nuetral connections as you work your way through the circuit in question. I would start in your breaker panel first, as you will then know that your source is good, wich will prevent you from spending time tracing the circuit through the house. You might also try checking any recent or latest upgrades or additions to the circuit in question.

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