Light bulbs keep burning out!!!


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My house is only 4 years old. I cannot keep a light bulb in any of the outside fixtures (porch and flood lights) for more than a week or two before they burn out. I've tried all types of bulbs (different wattages, cheap and expensive bulbs) but nothing lasts. Can anybody tell me where to start?? Thanks for your help!!!
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On average, how long do most of the light bulbs last inside the house? Are there any "fast burners" inside?
Where do you live-not precisly, region and climate? You are using incadescent bulbs-common ones that you can buy all most anywhere? I have run ito this problem myself generally with portable lighting-lamps, trouble lights, etc.
I have a better idea as to the problem possibly. Do you have a multi-meter that can read voltage? If you do not, go to the hardware store and buy a cheap one.($10-15) Only get one of the better ones if you are into messing with electrical stuff.(I gather not)
I think there might be a connection problem with the nuetral conductor in the circuit if it is multiwire, maybe the sevice coming into the house, or the problem that I have experienced several times.
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Incandescent light bulbs have a normal life expectancy of about 1,000 hours at an intermittent use. 41.5 days times 24 hours a day would equal about the 1000 hours.

I suspect that you are just running these lights continuous increasing the heat level of the bulbs causing the 1000 hours to be greatly reduced. Then add in the change of temprature and the moisture of being outdoors and you have a short life expectancy of your outside bulbs.

If I am right in my guess, and if these are just porch style lights then I suggest that you change the bulbs using the screw in flourescent fixture bulbs. This screw in flourescent bulb cost much more but lasts many times longer and is more tolerant to temperature and moisture exposure and continuous use. I had the same problem in my community hallways of my apartment buildings. These bulbs needed to run continuously. I never replaced another bulb after changing to the screw in flourescent bulbs.

If you have outside flood fixtures that are incandescent then I suggest that you change these fixtures to a ballasted soduim fixture like the wall packs found around industrial buildings lighting their perimeter. Or change to quartz light fixtures. Warning, be sure to maintain clearances above and around the quartz fixtures because of the extreme heat that may cause scorching of the surrounding flamable building materials.

Hope this helps


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