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Have existing 2 outlet (gang?) GFI box on exterior of house on right side of front door. Would like an additional 4 gang box on the left side of the door (approx. 50' away). That way I have access to power on both sides of the door.

1. How do I wire it up?
2. Looks like underground is necessary, and have been told that local code requires PVC conduit at least 18" underground or metal conduit at least 8" underground. Which is preferrable?
3. I would like to run an oudoor fish pond pump (intermittently) throughout the day. This box would be on the same GFI circuit as the other outdoor box as well as 2 bathrooms inside. Overload possiblities?
4. What other considerations do I need to keep in mind?
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Overload possibilities aren't probably that
great if you use it on the existing outdoor outlet. Each bathromm should be on it's own
circuit, separate from any other,including
the outdoor outlets.
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Thanks Gary, but already checked the circuit. Two bathrooms and two outdoor boxes (one in front and one in back) are on the same circuit).

Found out it works, too. Had a neice helping in the garden who watered just about everything in sight, including a temporary extension cord. Checked the circuit breaker box. There are two GFI circuits for the kitchen and one other one labled just "GFI." Checked the outlet in one of the bathroom, and sure enough, it had tripped. Reset it and it worked fine. At least I know the GFI works!
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Check with your building department, but conduit is probably not necessary. Don't forget to use underground cable, and be sure to use 12 gauge wire.

Bathrooms are often wired on the same circuit as outdoor outlets. A lot depends on whether your family uses hairdryers, or other high wattage bathroom appliances -- and on the wattage of your fish pond pump. If a hairdryer and the fish pond pump are on simultaneously, you might indeed have overload, but check the pump rating to be sure. And also check your breaker size (probably 20 amps).

If the fish pond pump uses 5 amps or more, you probably want another circuit.

I don't know if you'd be violating any other codes. You might want to check, or just wait a bit and Wg will probably tell you here.
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hello DebR,
from the info in your post, i recomend u run a new circuit from the panel for the new receps and pond. reasion 4 this is the bath rooms r on this circuit and if some 1 was to use a hairdryer or curling iron the chances r good the circuit could be overloaded. my own persional preference is pvc conduit whin running under ground.
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Thanks to all for your input. I am awaiting permits for a new garage (yes, there is a separate circuit for that, too). Will talk to the inspector then about a new cicruit for the pond pump.

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