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I have old knob and tube that has been reworked into a new service panel. I wanted to know if I can ground these plugs in the following method:

Install an new 3 prong plug and install a jumper wire from the ground terminal (green) to the open neutral terminal (white). Since a new 3 prong plug connected to 14-2 romex would have a ground wire that meets in the panel in the same ground bar, would this logic extend beyond the service panel and at the plug.
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hello forklore,
NO you can not install a jumper between the ground screw and the nutural screw, and be grounded. the only way to properly ground these receps is 1 of 2 ways eather pull a seperat ground wire to the recepts from the panel or pull in new romex from the panel same amount of work for both.
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Believe him, Folklore, sprky speakth the truth!

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Sparky and RickM is right, just to help back up what they say the following is a copy of the section in the NEC that pertains to what they are saying;


(c) Nongrounding Receptacle Replacement or Branch Circuit Extensions. The equipment grounding conductor of a grounding-type receptacle or a branch-circuit extension shall be permitted to be connected to any of the following:
1. Any accessible point on the grounding electrode system as described in Section 250-50
2. Any accessible point on the grounding electrode conductor
3. The equipment grounding terminal bar within the enclosure where the branch circuit for the receptacle or branch circuit originates
4. For grounded systems, the grounded service conductor within the service equipment enclosure
5. For ungrounded systems, the grounding terminal bar within the service equipment enclosure

Good luck


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