room being divided changes to lighting requirements


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I have two pendant lights in a room both are fed from two double switches on both sides of the room which are ganged together enabling either light to be turned on independantly from either switch. I am in the process of building a stud partition wall to seperate the room into a hallway and a dining room. For the light in the dining room I will need just one switch located in the new room but I need to keep single ganged switches at either end of the hallway. how should I set about rewiring
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I suggest you just keep everything wired as it is today, and just not use the second dining room switch you don't need. There's a lot of possibility to screw this up if you don't know exactly what you're doing.
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John Nelson has a good suggestion but I doubt that you will go to the trouble of this type of remodle project and accept the wiring to not meet you wants.

If you decide you have to make the changes, then I would trace the existing wires back to the attic and dead end these existing wires in an accessible junction box.

I would then find the power source that ran the existing wiring freshly removed and then run a either a 14/2 or a 12/2 romex matching the size that was origanally ran to the existing circuit to a switch box at one end of the hall. Then I would run a 12 or 14/2 from that switch box to a switch box in the dining room. I would then run a 12 or 14/2 from that switch box in the dining room to the light fixture to be installed in the dining room. Then I would run a 12or 14/2 from the empty switch box at the far end of the hall to the light to be installed in the hall. Then I would run a 12 or 14/3 romex between the two switch boxes in the hall. I would wirenut the white of the 12 or 14/2 in both switch boxes to the white of the 12 or 14/3. I would then connect the black of the 12/2 to the black or brass screw of the three way switch in each switch box in the hall and then I would connect the black and the red of the 12 or 14/3 to the other two screws on the three way switch in both hall switch boxes. I would then connect the white of the two 12 or 14/2 romexes in the dining switch box and connect the two blacks of those romexes to the two screws of the single pole switch. At the light fixture I would connect the black to black and white to white and bare to bare or green of the fixture.

Now all receptacles in the dining room must be 20 amp rated 12/2 direct from the panel with no lighting, fixed appliances, or anything else in any other room on that dining room receptacle circuit. I would run the 12/2 from the panel to the first dining room receptacle then loop from one receptacle to the next to serve all receptacles in that dining room. Connect the black to the copper screws of the receptacle and white to the silver screws and bare wire nutted to each other with a pigtail run to the green screw of the receptacles. If you have receptacles that you want to add in the none kitchen,nook,dining rooms such as halls, living, bed type rooms then you can just take a wire from the dining room switch box hot cable and run daisy chain from one receptacle to the next serving all receptacles in the living area type rooms. Then connect the same as the other receptacles were connected.

Hope this helps


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