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Have a Hunter fan with a remote unit. Confused on the wiring. The unit has 3 wires
The remote has 5 wires. No instruction with yard sale of the units. Understand black to black,white to white for power. Should the remainding blk,whte and red be attached to the 3 blk/white wire from the main unit....thanks
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I am going to make a shot in the dark with questions in my mind as to what you said you have.

I am not sure you are saying it right. You say the remote has 5 wires. The black and white on the line side of the remote should indeed be your hot and grounded connected to your power source.

Now is where you have me a bit confused in what you had to say. The unit has 3 wires. Then you later say you have 3 blacks and one white for the unit.

I am second guessing by memory as to how the load side of the remote switch is intended to be wired. On the load side the black should be for the fan, the red should be for the light of the fan and the white should be the grounded leg of the fan and the light.

Remember this is a guess considering that I can not see your equipemnt. If you wire this unit up wrong then you stand a good chance of blowing the equipment ruining the equipment.

I advise you to contact Hunter fan and get the right wiring diagram. You may be able to go to the electrical store and photo copy the wiring instructions from a new unit. Be sure to get a match of the new unit and your unit using the catolog number of the two units to match. Then the wiring diagram should match.

Good luck


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Your fan lights will likely not work the way you expect them to. I bought a new Hunter Type II and the lights do not work with the wall switch. I am told by hunter that this is an intentional design change to prevent lights from coming on after a power outage if the switch is on and the lights were turned off with a remote. I know, dumb. Their tech support also told me there did not make a remote that functions in the this manner. Wrong. I found a Hunter remote that specifically says it allows light operation at the wall switch. Of course I had to pay another $40.00+ to make the fan lights work the way they should. It is unsafe to walk into a dark room and look around for the remote which we keep on the nightstand. Hunter thinks this a great design change.
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Hi Rigby. I see you are new to the site. I don't know if you realized it but this thread you responded to is like 12 years old. You must have dug deep to find it.
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I am locking post.
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