ceiling fan light wiring diagram

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I had to replace the sockets on a fan light kit. I forgot to note exactly how the wires were connected. I see the blue and white wires coming from the fan housing, but I can't recall how all of the white and black wires from the sockets and the black, blue, and red wires from the light switch need to be connected, and then which set of connected wires goes with which wire from the fan HELP!
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As far as I can see you have too many wires named, or too few wires named.

You should have a black and blue and white going into the ceiling box from the fan. These wire take a route through the fan. The black wire connects to the hot of the switch. The blue and red wires are the directional wires of the fan motor.This fan directional switch usually is a slide style switch. You should have a spin style switch that is just on and off. The blue wire coming from the ceiling light box area should go to one side of this spin switch and the other side should go to the black of the light fixture. All the whites should connect together and be continuous through out the fan and light fixture.

Be cautous here because I am going by memory and I am so old that I can't remember so well anymore. I hit 50 this year ya know.

Ps Still good looking though that part is a self analysis.

If anyone else can be more accurate jump in on the wiring that is.

Hope this helps

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All the whites on the sockets connect to the
white in the fan. All the blacks from the sockets go to one of the switch wire, the other switch wire goes to the blue wire in the fan. It doesn't matter which switch wire
goes to the sockets or the blue wire.
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Thanks all. Before your replies, I took the fixture to Home Depot and got the same answer. All the whites from the sockets, and a red from the light switch, come together, and link to the white wire from the fan housing. All the blacks from the sockets come together, plus a blue from the switch. The black wire from the switch connects to the black (blue) wire from the fan housing. All is now operational. Thanks.

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No wire on the light switch should be connected to neutral(white).

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