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Hello, I just moved into a new house and Pac Bell has installed phone service in the "call box" to my house, but they said that it is not connected to any of the phone outlets in my house. They said that they would charge me $120 for them to take 5 minutes and connect it, or they said I could go through another vendor. Does anyone here know how to do this? if so it would be a great help to me. I would like to install the phone service in only 1 room of the house. Instructions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance
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Yes, this is easy. I'm assuming your inside jacks are already there, so I won't describe that.

Open the "user" side of the outside box (the "network interface") -- you just need a screwdriver. You should see a connection block with some screws (the ones I've seen have four screws, but there is really only two connection points since it is in two pairs).

Hopefully, you also see a phone cable coming into the box from the bottom. The phone cable probably has four pairs of wires. Strip several inches of the sheathing away, and connect the blue and blue-white wires to the two connection points. You're done.

If you see something I haven't described, tell me back and we'll go from there.

Note that blue and blue-white are the standard wires for line one. It's theoretically possible, but unlikely, that whoever wired your jacks didn't use this standard. If your cable is a four-wire (red, green, yellow, black), use the red and green wires.

One other thing: inside the network interface box, you'll see a test jack (just like the jack on the wall inside your house). Unplug this while you're working and plug it back in when you're done -- this'll save you a shock in case somebody calls you while you're working.

The above work will probably activate all the jacks in your house at once.

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If John is right and you have a red / green / black / yellow set of wires going into your home, then if you look at the jack that John descibed found in the telephone company box this jack probably has the same red/green/black/yellow wires coming from this jack to the four screws John is talking of. Just match your red/green/black/yellow from the house to the same screws that also have the red green black yellow wires connected to them from that existing jack found in the phone company's box.

Hope we helped

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I'll test it out today and see if it works. One thing though, I don't want it to activate all jacks in my house, only one jack in one room, how do I go about doing that???

Thanks again for the great advice.
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In most cases, phone jacks are daisy chained together, with the wires running from one jack to the next. So when you get one, you get them all.

But here are your choices if you really just want one:
(1) Stuff a wad of bubble gum in every jack you don't want activated. Make sure you use non-conductive bubble gum.
(2) Open up every jack you don't want wired and disconnect the wires from the jack screws. If there are more than one wire under a given screw, make sure you twist these wires together and tape the conductors. You must not break these connections.

Actually I recommend neither. If you must, do (1), although if the gum is conductive you'll short everything out. If you do (2), you're very likely to screw up the jack you do want activated.

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