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We are replacing two pull lights with new lights and running them off a switch. We replaced all the wiring with new since the house is quite old but something is not right.

There is a new wire from the fuse box to the junction box. The first light is tied into the juction box with another wire running to the second light. There is also running from this same juction the wiring for the switch. This wire is run black to white like our how to book says.

The problem is, the lights come on even thou the switch is turned off. Yes we checked to make sure the switch is right. Can someone please tell us what we did wrong. Should the switch be running from somewhere other than the junction?

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You didn't post enough information for me to know how the wires are connected, but let me take a stab at telling you how I think it should be wired at the junction box.

(1) Fuse cable white to light cable white.
(2) Fuse cable black to switch cable white.
(3) Switch cable black to light cable black.

At the switch, just connect the black and white wires to the two screws.

At the light, simply black to black and white to white.

Is this how it is wired now?
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The basic concept with light switching is to run hot conductor from the supply (fuse or breaker) to the switch first. Then from the switch to the hot wire on the fixture. Think of it as a detour. The juice has to go on this detour before it arrives at the fixture. The neutral is always wired from the supply directly to the fixture. All a switch does is connect and interrupt the hot conductor. It sounds like you connected the hot conductor from the supply directly to the fixture.

I sincerely hope you don't feel as though I'm talking down to you, I just don't know what you know. Hope this helps.


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