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I have a 220volt outlet which is 50amps. I am replacing a range with an electrical cooktop and an electric oven (under counter).
However, the cooktop requires 50amps and oven reuires 30 amps.

Can someone tell me if it will be ok to have both appliances working on the same 50amp outlet? Or, do I need to have another one installed?
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Have another one installed.
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I assume that when a manufacturer says that an appliance draws 50 amps, they mean that this is the maximum. However, if I do not use it to the full and use say one device at a time then I would only probaly use maximum of around 40 amps. Which in this case I will be ok. I just did not want to expense having another one installed. It may be a lot of work.
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John Nelson is right. If the manufacturer recommends a 50 amp circuit then the NEC requires you to meet those recommendations 110/3. Run another dedicated circuit for the second appliance.

Good Luck

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OK, you have me convinced.

Thanks for all of you that responded.
Much appreciated.

Have a happy thanksgiving!

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Well, I got a quote today from a electrician to put in another line. He quoted $600. It seems too much to me. The line from the main box to the kitchen is around 50 feet. He said he will use EMP(?) conduit. He also said that I do not have any space left in the main box and so he will have to use a quad somthing or another, which will give one 50amp and one 30amp. Anybody know what that means?

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I would recommend that you get at least three quotes from separate electricians. Be sure that your quotes are in writing, with specific details about the work to be done, method of payment, when payment is due, permit requirements, warranty information, and any other limitations or agreements. You may also want to check with your local BBB as well. Friends and co-workers can also be a good source of potential contractor references.
As to your 'Quad' question, these devices are made for some brands of panels to allow additional circuits to be installed where no more space seems to be available. There are a large number of panels out there that are not intended to have these devices installed in them. In some newer panels, quad breakers are fine. If your electrician tries to 'break out' tabs to install this quad, they are violating the rating of your panel. Quad breakers are more expensive than regular breakers as a word to the wise. If your panel can not accept quads, your other options are unavoidably pricey: sub-panels and/or service upgrades.
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Did you ask for a written estimate?

A good electrician could sit down and write out a simple estimate in 5 minutes (after s/he's looked over the situation). The estimate will describe work to be done, materials to be used and price, and x hours labor at $y/hr.

I'm not sure why you couldn't ask the electrician what EMT is, or what a quad is, or why it's gonna cost $600. If you're intimidated, call another electrician and tell 'em on the phone that you don't do this every day and need someone who can explain it.

Also, why do you think $600 is "too much"?
It could be about right if the route from the panel to the kitchen is difficult and so it will be time consuming to run the conduit. And remember, we can't have offshore labor do this work for us at $2.50 a day. We have to pay for the training and experience that the electrician has earned, the liability, the truck, etc. And it's only fair that s/he make a decent living.

Remember, if you get three bids, the cheapest may be a great deal or it may be the worst deal...

Good luck.
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Thanks for your help.

Happy holidays and keep smiling!

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