3-way switch

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3-way switch

I have a fluorescent light on my kitchen ceiling. It has three wall switches that turn it on and off. One of them stopped working (seemed to be loose contact--switch only worked if held pressed in the on position). I replaced that switch with a three way switch. The process seemed easy enough--I replaced the four wires from the previous switch to the four holes in the new switch. The switch works fine. However, one of the other two switches stopped working. It makes the lights flicker momentarily, but won't switch them off. It can't make the lights turn on either.
What's the problem here? Many thanks for your help.
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Hello, you said you replaced it with a three way swith? with four wires? sounds like you meant a 4 way, right?
With a light controlled by 3 locations you need a 4 way inbetween the two three ways.
Was one of your counted wires a green? or were they black and red, and another set of black and red or red and white , something like that. Post back with what color wires they were and the relationship they were to each other on the switch, top and bottom or across from each other. Also make sure you bought a 4 way switch and not a 3 way, I hope you did if you found a place for all 4 wires!!

Rereading your post I think you have the correct switch but just have the travelers mixed up.
post back with the colors in each of the two cables and how the are on the switch, some fourways are different with their travelers being top and bottom or sideways.
Sorry for the rambliing, it sometimes takes a degree in literature to put your talking into words!
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Actually, I installed a 3-way switch, not a 4-way! I will try a 4-way switch and see how it goes. thanks.
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Only put in the 4 way if it is what the old switch was.

A three way has 3 screws( 2 same color, 1 different)
A four way has 4 screws ( 2 same , 2 same other color)

The ground screw is not issued in here for ease sake
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Be careful. You may have done something extremely dangerous here. What are the colors of the four wires? How many screws does the new switch have, and what color are the screws (I don't care about the holes -- you shouldn't use them anyway)? How many screws does the old switch have, and what color are those screws?

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