adding outlet to existing wiring

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Unhappy adding outlet to existing wiring

I have connected the hot wire to the switch, then from the switch to the light. I want the power to continue from the switch to an unswitched outlet. When I turn on the breaker, the light comes on and there is power to the outlet. When I turn off the switch the breaker trips. I don't know if my problem is in the wiring of the switch or the outlet. Please first tell me how the wires should be connected at the switch, and then at the outlet to make sure that my outlet is unswitched and won't trip the breaker. Thanks, K. Christensen
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Could you be a little more specific about your wiring?
How many wires are at the switch?
If I read this correctly I would say the power from the panel goes to the switch first, is this correct?
What wires are going to the light? Colors?
If the power does indeed go the the switch first then carry on with one set going to a receptacle and one set to the light then it should be as fallows.

The cable from panel is cable #1, cable from switch is #2 and cable to receptacle is #3. Each of these should have to insulated wires and a ground. Am I right?

the black from cable #1 should be wirenutted to the black from #3 with a pigtail to go to the switch. The Black from cable #2 should also go to the switch on the opposite side from the other black wire. All three whites should be wirenutted together.

This should be correct, if all the cables are two wire with ground and all three are in the switch box, now if you have a red wire in the mix you'll have to tell me. This would require a different method.

I hope this can help alittle but if it doesn't give me a little more to go on I don't like to make assumtions as sometimes that can get an inexperienced Diyer in more trouble then is needed. Doing this should be enjoyable not a headache.

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